Planning Commission Decision, Positive Recomendation

On December 12, 2012 the planning commission passed a motion forwarding a positive recommendation of the ordinance prepared and attached to the staff report. The recommendation of the Planning Commission will be forwarded on to the City Council for a final decision and additional public hearings.

The public’s involvement really shaped this project and we are thankful to those who participated. There are a few administrative ideas that have been brought up during our discussions and we hope that as we begin administrating the new ordinance we will be able to address these concerns. These concerns include: alternative contacts beyond the organizations chair to ensure consistent noticing, developing reports that provide access to real-time data about development activities and working with departments and divisions within the City to assist them in preparing their policies on public engagement.

At this time I would like to plug OpenSLC , the Salt Lake City community has formed a local brigade of local technologist who are now learning about the City and the available data we have. To find out more about brigades check out this link or if you would like to join OpenSLC check out this site

The first project this group has developed is a local wiki This is a place for the community to create content about the community.

Thank you,

Nole Walkingshaw


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