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In his 2010 State of the City Address, Mayor Becker stated “We are constantly working at improving, defining and refining methods for public input.” In that spirit, the administration has been reviewing how the city interacts with the community. This review includes assessing how the City gives information, and how the City receives feedback. The Mayor’s vision for the city is to develop a process that engages the public in City decision making to ensure that the City makes reasoned, fully-informed decisions.

This review process with the public began by conducting interviews and small group discussions with a diverse group of people including members of neighborhood-based organizations and businesses. The purpose of these meetings were to help the City get feedback on how the City’s current approach is working, and learn how members of the community want to be engaged in the decision-making process. Click here to view the summary report.

The City has looked at the communication methods of other cities in an effort to learn more about potential solutions to the issues and concerns raised. This knowledge will help the City and community in the review process, and the information gathered has been compiled into a chart for your reference.We have also conducted a web-based survey regarding our communication methods and received responses from citizens all over Salt Lake City.

The City has created a 22-page Public Engagement Guide as a new tool designed to assist city employees in determining the scope of public engagement necessary for a project and to plan for and conduct successful public engagement.

The original ordinance recognizing SLACC (Salt Lake Association of Community Councils) and neighbor Organizations was adopted by the City Council  in 1990 establishing a New Chapter 2.60 of the Salt Lake City Code. Chapter 2.60 outlines the purpose requirements of neighborhood based organizations. Chapter 2.62 of the Salt Lake City Code outlines the notification procedures  and policy of Salt Lake City to notify recognized or registered organizations of activities concerning the organizations and obtain input from these organizations concerning various city planning and administrative services. Each of these sections are being reviewed as a part of this process.

To date we have made two presentations; the first was April 5, 2012 at the Mayor’s Breakfast with the Community Council Chairs and the second was April 12, 2012 at the Salt Lake City Network (SLCN) monthly meeting. In each meeting we discussed the history of our review and presented a basic outline of our objectives.

Our next step is to further our discussions with the community and other Community Based Organizations. Your thoughts and opinions on this are important so please get involved.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please contact Nole Walkingshaw at 801-535-7128 or by email at

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